Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe

Bon Voyager & Bon Viveur


Sakley’s The Mountain Café

Sakley’s The Mountain Café stands true to its name. Yes, this café makes you feel that hills came alive.

My first visit was quite memorable. I still recall it was 14th Feb evening; the weather was also in the mood to celebrate the day.  It was pleasing cold with amazing rain. This café at GK –I, Delhi was the place decided by my friends to enjoy the valentine’s evening. Unlike the weather and occasion my mood was quite upset, I was bit doubtful before entering this place that how my rest of the evening is going to shape up.

But the moment I entered the café, the unpleasant string of my mood swung into a relaxing thread. Yes, the place was very warm, welcoming, peace and best ambiance matching its name “The Mountain Café”.

I am quite particular about the places I visit and…

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Stop calling it skill. It’s really just luck.

I ageee to it. We should acknowledge the virtues of life which can be in small small things..

Life After Liquidity

What if you were born as this girl? What if you were born as this girl?

Not many people know that I am North Korean. Sort of.

My father was born in North Korea. The same day that he arrived to the world, his family had to flee to the South in order to escape the communists. The journey had to be taken on foot during the cover of night; naturally, it was extremely dangerous and risky. Capture could have meant death, or perhaps a life in a North Korean gulag.

At one point in the journey his family had to cross a river via a small boat. His mother was told that no noise could be made during the crossing. She was instructed to immediately drown her infant (my Dad) if he started to cry.

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