Congratulations to TERRORISM

terrorism (1)

Not Even a day passed when I posted my last blog “Are we really Humans?”  And one more catastrophic news flooded everywhere.

Peshawar School massacre, killing hundreds of innocent kids is the most sordid act. So, congratulations to such group who think they become powerful by targeting an innocent people from time to time. Whether it’s a Sydney hostage or Peshawar attack, let me ask you what you get by such act? What purpose gets served?

Oh, well let me guess you are fighting for your rights?

Or, are you fighting for the justice?

Or, are you fighting to take the revenge?

Or, are you fighting for the religion?

All the above stated questions illustrate that such groups are fighting for something and their intentions are backed by some noble cause. Hence, they are  warriors, Right? 

Well, yes they are warriors if brutally attacking means a courageous fight for the justice. I think since my childhood I was wrong in my learning.

Actually, the terror attack to justify the given lame excuse is the meaning of fighting for justice. It’s correct to target Innocent people to convey their message. Blood for Blood isn’t an unworthy revenge rather it’s a justice. Exploiting the sacred belief of a religion by giving it a reason isn’t a heinous act rather is a perfect example of a true worshiper. If merciless killing isn’t a sin rather a pious act.

If all these are true meanings then yes, I am an uneducated callous person. And believers of above stated thoughts are the pious soul of great human heart.

                          Who says we are living in fear. We all are living in a peaceful world of terror.


                                                  Therefore, Congratulations to the Terrorism…!!!

P.S. Please stop heinous act.


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