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One day my friend had a stressful day and was in awful mood so I invited her at my place to have home cooked Chinese. Though she wanted to add another chapter in her learning cook book but she was too tired or rather in a reluctant mood to entertain any of my plans to merriment her mood. But somehow I convinced her. So after giving confirmation on wats app we thought to planned this dinner in a better way.

This cooking session was unlike our regular cooking which is always full of fun, conversation and lots of gossip. My friend was quiet rather her eyes were stuck on the watch as she wanted to go back home early.

I figured it out it’s not just like another hard day for her rather she really needs to vent out her feelings. So what’s the better plan to get her involved in conversation and spending more time with me?

If I am going to ask her to stay for long she will definitely refuse it. And if I am going to dig out the reason it would be making her more irritated.

So I served the noodles and brought my new packed chopsticks. My friend never tried chopsticks before so she urged to use the fork (although I am also a decent user of chopstick) but I insist to use chopsticks only.

So the first try went futile as she struggled to make the best comfortable hold of sticks. After a while she managed, now the next challenge was to pick the noodles with a point of such a small dimension tool. We Indians are quite comfortable eating with spoon, forks and knife as it gives enough space to hold the good amount.

After lots of demo and practice she manages to get the best bite with chopsticks. While the trial and error session of slipping noodles and funny gestures of making efforts to eat it, the best part was it brought the smile back on my friend’s face and she starts adding the humor to the learning session of usage of chopsticks.

The best line of my friend I would like to quote, “the first bite gets digested while you prepare for the second one.” And, yes it’s the magic of chopstick for new user that it gives you much time to enjoy the company and developed the inclination for chopsticks.

It was fun experimenting with chopsticks and my objective was served that it takes time to get herself diverted to something which lighten her mood and give her space where she can discuss her problems and eventually it happened so.

At the end my friend was successful to learn eating with chopsticks and I was successful to change her mood and got to know her problems and provided the solution for same.

And this entire chopstick affair added spark to our evening and bonding.

P.S. such magical tools need to be known well and its usage. So do check my next post for some important info.


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