Thinking Hats – Creative Problem Solving


During my corporate training session i encountered with questions to provide systematic process for problem solving. So after lots of research i discover six thinking hats theory which could be applied to the different degree as per the situation to get the solution. So here it goes.

The notion of six thinking hats comes from Edward De Bono in 1985. The thinking hats technique helps to experiment the different ways of thinking and to see the situation and ideas from different angles. It is a simple and effective  system that increase productivity.There are 6 metaphorical hats and each defines a certain  type of thinking. You can put on or take off another.images (4)

Benefits of Thinking Hats

  • It provides creative solution / decision making to a given problem or situation.
  • It is applicable on an individual as well as in a group.
  • Helps to move out from habitual thinking style.
  • Helps to provide the 360 degree view of the situation.
  • It allows necessary emotion and skepticism to be brought into what would otherwise be purely rational decisions.
  • The technique also helps, for example, persistently pessimistic people to be positive and creative.

images (2)


Six thinking hats in a nutshell:

White Hat = the facts & figures.

Yellow Hat = the positive side

Black Hat = the devil’s advocate.

Red Hat = the emotional view.

Green Hat = the creative side.

Blue Hat = the organizing view.




White- Present the facts of the case

Green- Generate the ideas, how the case could be handled

Yellow- Evaluate the ideas- list the benefits

Black- List the drawbacks

Red- Get everybody’s gut feelings about the alternatives

Blue- Summarize and adjourn the meetings / solutions


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