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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Hi Lovely People,

Today I am back with a beauty post. Recently Garnier India launch its makeup remover / cleansing water range in India. It is creating so much hype so I decided to review and check whether its worth it or not and unveil the truth.

New Year New Beginning – Happy 2018

Hi Guys,

Hows New Year 2018 treating you? So far we have come to half way to first month of the year and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Generally what trend we follow is to make big plans at the starting of every year but somewhere with every phasing phase / Days & Months we tend forget. The problem is not forgetting the problem at the first step is making plans only at the start of something new.

Rather it should be Everyday, Every Moment, accepting our achievement and even the fears and rejection and working forward for something new. And reminding ourself Every Day is Different and Life is Beautiful and thats what I tried to convey through a clip.

Do consider watching and I wish you all the happiness in this World..!! And make it your Happy 2018 🙂

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SMILE (nothing else)

Smile (1)

Hey Bloggers i am back with SMILE 🙂

Yes SMILE is the word am obsessed these days. We all know the virtues of smile rather we advice everyone to use this magical gesture to make our life merriment.

Smiling is not only an involuntary response to something pleasant or hilarious but it is much more than that. Many studies has revealed the benefits of it be it physical, physiological or emotional. If you wear a good smile then:

  1. Keeps the stress level and anxiety low.
  2.  Makes you more attractive.
  3. Strengthens the immune system.
  4. You will be more approachable.
  5. Builds up the rapport.
  6. Boats up the confidence.
  7. Leads you to SUCCESS.

Whenever the word SUCCESS comes the harwork, the organizational skills and motivations comes in my mind. Being a trainer i ask all the attendants always come up with SMILE. Yes, i mean a new definition of smile which brings you Success.

S- Self

M- Motivated

I- Initiative (to)

L- Learn (and)

E- Excel.

This is the success mantra which will always help you in every phase of life. To get success Smile to SMILE.

Business people-showing teamwork

The Dazzling~ Monsieur Rahul Khanna

The title says it all













Consistently named one of the best dressed men in India, Rahul Khanna is dashing,Interesting and a gentlemen.

 Son of one of the most popular actors of his time, Vinod Khanna, Rahul Khanna has carved a niche for himself in Bollywood. The actor, however, seems to have switched interests to television after his last successful stint in the Indian adaptation of ’24’. And now, once again Rahul will be seen in a pivotal role in an American TV series titled ‘The Americans’.

Rahul Says~
I like good aesthetics. The design you pick should reflect your personal style. My personal preference is simple, classic or retro designs. I’m not into bling and I’m conservative when it comes to personal style. I like simplicity and classic looks. I have seen designs I love from luxury brands like Cartier, Panerai and Audemars Piguet.

Boyz Over Flowers simply love Mr.Khanna’s minimalistic sytle.



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Dear Bloggers,

My sincere apology to all of you not putting up any blog for a long time. No excuses, no reasons but was tied up.

Promise to be back with all the enlightenment and delight of read.

Love & Hugs

It’s Twenty Fifteen


I wish each and every one a very Happy & Blessed New Year. I wish you all a very fabulous year ahead.

It’s a new year, new opportunity, new life fill your each day an every moment with lots of happiness and love.

Given below is glimpse how i bid adieu to 2014 and welcome 2015.


Now my simple message for all my blogger friends.