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Hey Bloggers i am back with SMILE 🙂

Yes SMILE is the word am obsessed these days. We all know the virtues of smile rather we advice everyone to use this magical gesture to make our life merriment.

Smiling is not only an involuntary response to something pleasant or hilarious but it is much more than that. Many studies has revealed the benefits of it be it physical, physiological or emotional. If you wear a good smile then:

  1. Keeps the stress level and anxiety low.
  2.  Makes you more attractive.
  3. Strengthens the immune system.
  4. You will be more approachable.
  5. Builds up the rapport.
  6. Boats up the confidence.
  7. Leads you to SUCCESS.

Whenever the word SUCCESS comes the harwork, the organizational skills and motivations comes in my mind. Being a trainer i ask all the attendants always come up with SMILE. Yes, i mean a new definition of smile which brings you Success.

S- Self

M- Motivated

I- Initiative (to)

L- Learn (and)

E- Excel.

This is the success mantra which will always help you in every phase of life. To get success Smile to SMILE.

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This Christmas, Let’s care..!!!


Yoho It’s a Christmas. The favorite time of the year.

Everything looks so beautiful, the festivities brings a magical aroma all around. Market flooded with Christmas goodies, sweets and gifts. Sharing gifts and greetings not only brings happiness  but also strengthen the bond. Its a way of expressing our love, emotions and well wishes. Irrespective of the age we drop the list of gifts in the Christmas socks so that Santa can gift us. Yes, gifts has such an enchanting touch that we all become excited like a kid to get it. The festivities make us go crazy in shopping.

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This year i really wish we add on to our list of gifting something which is precious and adorable and that is CARE. Let’s start caring. I am not with an opinion that gifting doesn’t mean that you don’t care. Of Course we do care but lets start caring even for those people whom we don’t know. That could be a stranger on the road, at shopping mall or in a cafe. Or a neighbor living near by or the some familiar faces we just come across daily but don’t share any relationship with them. To be kind to someone no need to share a relationship with them. Nowadays people don’t even care for their own people as everyone is running into a race of chasing materialistic pleasure. But this Christmas not just only shower  the gifts but also bless the people with your care.


Just imagine the people who don’t even have enough money to buy a new dress or sweets this year. Worst, not enough money to buy a warm coat to protect themselves from strong freezing waves. And think about those people who has everything but not people with whom they can share happiness. And some have their family but still secluded.

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Therefore, gift your valuable time, your concern and your care to your loved ones and even to the strangers. A big tight hug and feeling of being together gives you immense happiness that you have been successful to add magic in someone’s life. So become the Santa of happiness for others. Spread the message of love with your care.

So, This Christmas-Lets’s CARE…!!!


As i promised in my last post to come back with some facts about it. It is always advisable to have a detailed information of all the things for which you developed inclination. I being a neophilia get excited to gather some interesting facts about chopsticks and its related imp information. I hope this post will help people who asked me to guide how to use chopsticks and some point to keep in mind while using it.

Asian countries originated the use of chopsticks. Due to cultural differences, there really is no one rule for handling. The correct method for handling chopsticks in Japan, might not be appropriate chopstick etiquette in Korea or Japan. With that said, we present first general chopsticks etiquette followed by regional differences.

Universal Chopstick Etiquette

  • Do not use chopsticks to make noise, draw attention, or gesture.
  • Do not use chopsticks to move plates or bowls.
  • Generally, do not use chopsticks to impale food.
  • Do not leave chopsticks standing vertically in a bowl of rice or other food.

Steps for Using Chopsticks


  • Place one chopstick in the webbing of your thumb and rest the other end on your curled third and fourth fingers.
  • Place the second chopstick between your first and second fingers, and hold it down with the tip of your thumb.
  • Make sure the chopsticks are even from top to bottom.
  • To grasp food, move only the top chopstick, and leave the bottom one firm and steady. Do not allow the broad ends of the chopsticks do not make an “X” as this will make it difficult to pick up food.

Chinese Chopsticks Etiquette

  • In China, it is normal to hold the rice bowl up to one’s mouth and use chopsticks to push rice directly into the mouth.
  • It is considered poor dining etiquette to point rested chopsticks towards others seated at the table.
  • Serving chopsticks are used to take food from serving dishes. These chopsticks are to be returned to the dishes after one has served oneself, and are often a different colour from individuals’ chopsticks.

Hong Kong and Cantonese Chopsticks Etiquette

  • Wait for the eldest family member to hold his or her chopsticks first.
  • Do not use chopsticks backwards, except to stir or transfer the dish to another plate (but only if there are no serving chopsticks).
  • When finished eating, place your chopsticks on the top of your bowl. If you are not finished eating, place your chopsticks on a chopstick stand.

Taiwanese Chopsticks Etiquette

  • Do not transfer food from chopsticks-to-chopsticks.
  • Do not rest chopsticks on the table. Use a chopstick rest or place them sideways across the rice bowl. When finished eating, place your chopsticks flat on the bowl.
  • Do not bite your chopsticks or keep them in your mouth too longer.

Japanese Chopsticks Etiquette

  • Do not transfer food from chopsticks-to-chopsticks.
  • Place the pointed ends of the chopsticks on a chopstick rest when the chopsticks are not being used. If a rest is not available, make a chopstick rest by folding the paper case that the chopsticks came in.
  • You may reverse your chopsticks to use the clean end when moving food from a communal plate, but it is considered better to ask for extra chopsticks to transfer the food in this situation.
  • Do not cross chopsticks on a table, or vertically stick them in the rice.
  • Do not rub wooden chopsticks together after breaking them apart.
  • Place chopsticks in a right-left direction – with the tips on the left. Do not place chopsticks diagonally, vertically or crossing each other.
  • At the end of the meal, place disposable chopsticks into the wrapper they came in.

Korean Chopsticks Etiquette

  • Chopsticks commonly are paired with a spoon.
  • Do not pick up your bowl and bring it close to your mouth. Leave your dishes on the table.
  • Never lay your chopsticks down to the left of your spoon.

Vietnamese Chopsticks Etiquette

  • Raise your bowl to your mouth and push rice into your mouth with your chopsticks.
  • Always use both chopsticks together, even if only stirring something.
  • Food should not be picked up from the table and placed directly into your mouth. Place all food in your own bowl before eating.
  • Do not place chopsticks in a “V” when you have finished eating.

I hope you people enjoyed this post. 🙂


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One day my friend had a stressful day and was in awful mood so I invited her at my place to have home cooked Chinese. Though she wanted to add another chapter in her learning cook book but she was too tired or rather in a reluctant mood to entertain any of my plans to merriment her mood. But somehow I convinced her. So after giving confirmation on wats app we thought to planned this dinner in a better way.

This cooking session was unlike our regular cooking which is always full of fun, conversation and lots of gossip. My friend was quiet rather her eyes were stuck on the watch as she wanted to go back home early.

I figured it out it’s not just like another hard day for her rather she really needs to vent out her feelings. So what’s the better plan to get her involved in conversation and spending more time with me?

If I am going to ask her to stay for long she will definitely refuse it. And if I am going to dig out the reason it would be making her more irritated.

So I served the noodles and brought my new packed chopsticks. My friend never tried chopsticks before so she urged to use the fork (although I am also a decent user of chopstick) but I insist to use chopsticks only.

So the first try went futile as she struggled to make the best comfortable hold of sticks. After a while she managed, now the next challenge was to pick the noodles with a point of such a small dimension tool. We Indians are quite comfortable eating with spoon, forks and knife as it gives enough space to hold the good amount.

After lots of demo and practice she manages to get the best bite with chopsticks. While the trial and error session of slipping noodles and funny gestures of making efforts to eat it, the best part was it brought the smile back on my friend’s face and she starts adding the humor to the learning session of usage of chopsticks.

The best line of my friend I would like to quote, “the first bite gets digested while you prepare for the second one.” And, yes it’s the magic of chopstick for new user that it gives you much time to enjoy the company and developed the inclination for chopsticks.

It was fun experimenting with chopsticks and my objective was served that it takes time to get herself diverted to something which lighten her mood and give her space where she can discuss her problems and eventually it happened so.

At the end my friend was successful to learn eating with chopsticks and I was successful to change her mood and got to know her problems and provided the solution for same.

And this entire chopstick affair added spark to our evening and bonding.

P.S. such magical tools need to be known well and its usage. So do check my next post for some important info.

Congratulations to TERRORISM

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Not Even a day passed when I posted my last blog “Are we really Humans?”  And one more catastrophic news flooded everywhere.

Peshawar School massacre, killing hundreds of innocent kids is the most sordid act. So, congratulations to such group who think they become powerful by targeting an innocent people from time to time. Whether it’s a Sydney hostage or Peshawar attack, let me ask you what you get by such act? What purpose gets served?

Oh, well let me guess you are fighting for your rights?

Or, are you fighting for the justice?

Or, are you fighting to take the revenge?

Or, are you fighting for the religion?

All the above stated questions illustrate that such groups are fighting for something and their intentions are backed by some noble cause. Hence, they are  warriors, Right? 

Well, yes they are warriors if brutally attacking means a courageous fight for the justice. I think since my childhood I was wrong in my learning.

Actually, the terror attack to justify the given lame excuse is the meaning of fighting for justice. It’s correct to target Innocent people to convey their message. Blood for Blood isn’t an unworthy revenge rather it’s a justice. Exploiting the sacred belief of a religion by giving it a reason isn’t a heinous act rather is a perfect example of a true worshiper. If merciless killing isn’t a sin rather a pious act.

If all these are true meanings then yes, I am an uneducated callous person. And believers of above stated thoughts are the pious soul of great human heart.

                          Who says we are living in fear. We all are living in a peaceful world of terror.


                                                  Therefore, Congratulations to the Terrorism…!!!

P.S. Please stop heinous act.

Which Element You represent?

Five Elements

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Scholars since ancient times believe that the universe is made with the composition of five elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky (Space). It is said that even human body is composed of these five elements. All these five elements are present in the balanced state in this universe. For instance: if the level of water increases upto a certain limit, then the whole world will be filled with water resulting in floods. Hence thesePanchtatva impacts the humans and one should know how and to what level tune into the attributes of these elements.

Different civilization has believed in the ancient and modern approach of these elements. One can trace the importance of Panchtatva in Greece, Egyptian, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tibet, China, Japan etc. and the western astrology and tarot.

The elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Sky are essential for all physical life, but it is at least as important for you to have these five elements integrated in your consciousness and your personality. When all four elements are integrated in your consciousness, it creates a sense of wholeness and balance around your personal aura.

Five Elements: The other names and its relevance:

Terra (Earth)

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Terra has been derived from Greek and Latin word meaning Earth / Land.

Qualities – strong, heavy, solid, stable, resistant.

An Earth person is a stable, persevering worker. They are realistic, economical and goal oriented. They judge their environment based on their achievements and they prefer to be judged on their own achievements as well. An Earth person believes in human abilities and timing, rather than intuition. They want to ensure a positive outcome before popping the champagne and celebrating.

Aqua (Water)

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Aqua has been derived from Greek word meaning water.

Qualities  cohesive, moist, cool, soft, unpredictable.

A Water person is better than anyone else at using their communication skills to connect with the hearts and minds of their co-workers, e.g. as an understanding and empathetic leader or as a sales person selling to corporate clients. Water person is characterized by a positive personal flow in all aspects. A Water person communicates well and has a well-developed emotional intuition, which helps them know when the timing is right to strike in order to reach a certain goal.



Aura (Air)

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Aura has been derived from Latin / Italian word meaning Air.

Qualities – mobile, cool, porous and subtle.
An Air person is the visionary leader who constantly seeks new opportunities and is already working in the future and detecting new trends. It symbolify a person who is a communicator, they are positive and inspiring, change quickly and are adaptable by nature. They are open-minded, tolerant, and non-judgmental and are good at making people open up to their creativity.

 Zest (Fire)

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Zest has been derived from Latin / Danish word meaning Fire.

Qualities – sharp, subtle, radiant, passionate, energetic.
Fire person supports the corporate spirit and is followed by his or her employees in their effort to reach a common goal. A Fire person is intuitive in a creative way – fast and full of ideas.  Constantly re-evaluates and reconstructs in an effort to obtain great results. A Fire person gives hope to his or her surroundings and maintains a strong combination of vitality and drive.

Jupiter (Sky)

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Jupiter has been derived from Latin word meaning Sky.

Qualities  soft, light, subtle, abundant, open.
Air person has capability to perform those things which are beyond others capabilities, particularly those things composed of pure energy. It represents spirit, thought, and creative energy. It represents our ability to think and to communicate, as well as our creativity. It can also be associated with power, creativity, spontaneity, and inventiveness.