Congratulations to TERRORISM

terrorism (1)

Not Even a day passed when I posted my last blog “Are we really Humans?”  And one more catastrophic news flooded everywhere.

Peshawar School massacre, killing hundreds of innocent kids is the most sordid act. So, congratulations to such group who think they become powerful by targeting an innocent people from time to time. Whether it’s a Sydney hostage or Peshawar attack, let me ask you what you get by such act? What purpose gets served?

Oh, well let me guess you are fighting for your rights?

Or, are you fighting for the justice?

Or, are you fighting to take the revenge?

Or, are you fighting for the religion?

All the above stated questions illustrate that such groups are fighting for something and their intentions are backed by some noble cause. Hence, they are  warriors, Right? 

Well, yes they are warriors if brutally attacking means a courageous fight for the justice. I think since my childhood I was wrong in my learning.

Actually, the terror attack to justify the given lame excuse is the meaning of fighting for justice. It’s correct to target Innocent people to convey their message. Blood for Blood isn’t an unworthy revenge rather it’s a justice. Exploiting the sacred belief of a religion by giving it a reason isn’t a heinous act rather is a perfect example of a true worshiper. If merciless killing isn’t a sin rather a pious act.

If all these are true meanings then yes, I am an uneducated callous person. And believers of above stated thoughts are the pious soul of great human heart.

                          Who says we are living in fear. We all are living in a peaceful world of terror.


                                                  Therefore, Congratulations to the Terrorism…!!!

P.S. Please stop heinous act.


Are we really Humans?

Are we really Humans?


This question crossed my mind many times. Are we really Humans?

No we are not.

The people who go with the title of this blog would think I have gone mad but I am sure that we are not humans. We are stepping into 2015 and witnessing a technological miracle in our daily life. We talk about liberty of thoughts, culture, sex orientation, and lifestyle and so on. Our era has proven to be the best civilization but I think we all are living in an illusion. We have not civilized yet, we are still living in barbarian society where individuals are considered a mere commodity. Now you would opinionated me a gal who is too feminist and find it a boring speech about equality and empowerment.

I know this is a common concern but why I choose this day 16th December for this blog because something atrocious happened on 16th December 2012 which shocked not only the Nation (India) but the entire world.  That day has been marked as a black day. An innocent girl was being gang rapped in a bus in Delhi, capital city or ultra modern hi-tech city with so much facilities and literacy. A lot of agitation was witnessed from the common masses to provide the justice to the girl who was eventually brutally murdered on that day. Lots of marches, dharnas (strike), meetings and lot more happened but has anything changed till that date?

No…. The people believed it all happened because of lack of public transport facility as girl stepped into some unauthorized bus service and lot was suggested to fasten such services. Very recently again a big rape case was reported in the capital. Ironically this time girl opted for the reliable transport facility, “uber cab service” and she was rapped by a cabby. It’s not only about just these cases or about Delhi or about India.

While you are reading this blog somewhere at some place some other girl would be getting raped, physically or mentally. It keeps on happening since ages and everywhere around the globe. We consider others as an insignificant materialistic piece and preferred to treat the way we want. If it’s not rape then its molestation, harassment, domestic violence, human trafficking, killing, attacks on the name of gender, nation, culture, honor, power and religion. And, first time I really feel so unfortunate to born as so called Humans?

My question still left unanswered, “Are we really Humans?”